How to Download Private Pornhub Videos in HD Quality

“Hey guys, is there any way to download private videos from Pornhub? I tried to add some people with private videos as friends but they never accept the requests, so I wonder if it is possible to download private videos from Pornhub.”

You may also have the same question as this Reddit user does. Some tools on the Internet can help to download Pornhub videos, but for the private video, they may fail to work. So in this article, a more professional Pornhub Downloader that supports downloading private Pornhub videos can meet your needs. See all the feasible methods to get any video you like from Pornhub.


Stably Download Private Pornhub Videos in HD - VideoHunter (Never Down)

The main advantage of a reliable online video downloader should be its stability. VideoHunter is such a tool that would never down and will always perform fluently to download videos from any platform. No matter for the public or private Pornhub videos, only with a link, people can freely download them offline with original quality. Here also comes other benefits that VideoHunter can bring:

  • Supports downloading private Pornhub videos with the common MP4 format
  • Keeps downloaded Pornhub videos in the same quality as the sources
  • Supports batch download to save time in waiting for the downloads
  • Supports to download videos from other 1,000+ video sites
  • Offers 6X faster speed to make the downloading process faster

Except for this, VideoHunter also attracts people with its easy-to-use but powerful function in helping people to download online videos. Now, the steps to download private Pornhub videos using VideoHunter will be introduced.

Step 1. VideoHunter is supported on Windows and Mac computers. So you need to install the software before getting started to download private videos from Pornhub.

Step 2. Now, you should visit for getting to the private Pornhub video you want to download. Then copy its link.

Copy Pornhub Video URL

Step 3. Open VideoHunter and paste the link of the private Pornhub video to the download bar. Click the “Analyze” button and VideoHunter will convert it for you.

Paste Pornhub Video URL to VideoHunter

Step 4. When the video is converted, you can select the output format and quality for downloading it. Finally, just by pressing the “Download” button, the private Pornhub video can be downloaded offline.

Download Pornhub Video

Upgrade to Pornhub Premium (Payment Required)

For sure, Pornhub doesn’t provide the official download feature for free. That means you need to pay for upgrading to the premium membership for getting the right to access more Pornhub videos and also download videos from Pornhub. As a result, for people who are considering having a better video streaming experience on Pornhub, getting a Pornhub premium membership is a nice choice.

Pornhub offers a 7-days free trial for new users who are the first time sign up an account and want to get the premium membership. When the free trial expires, they need to pay USD 9.99/month or USD 95.88/year to expand the membership and use the premium features.

Download Private Pornhub Videos Through Recording (Time-consuming)

Recording the private Pornhub videos for keeping them in a video recording is another way. You can use a lightweight screen recorder such as VideoSolo Screen Recorder to record the private Pornhub video with original quality. This is how you can do with this reliable screen recorder.

Step 1. Install VideoSolo Screen Recorder on your Windows or Mac computer. Then enter the “Video Recorder” after opening the software.

Main Interface

Step 2. Adjust the recording area and system volume before playing the private Pornhub video. You can turn off the microphone because it may bring the noise to the video recording.

Step 3. When you start playing the private Pornhub video, remember to start the recording by clicking the “REC” button or using the shortcut.

Select Video Record Area

Step 4. When the Pornhub video ends playing, stop the recording and go to the previewing window for saving the video recording. Then you can get the private Pornhub video saved offline.

Even though VideoSolo Screen Recorder has the scheduled recording feature which doesn’t need people to keep an eye on the recording process, it is still time-consuming, especially when you need to record a long private Pornhub video. So this is not the most recommended way.

Online Pornhub Download Services (Not Workable for All Private Videos)

The most convenient way to download videos from online sites like Pornhub is to use an online download service. Y2mate is such a web-based service that can help download private Pornhub videos without using other software. The following guide shows you how to use it.

Step 1. Go to Y2mate site and turn down to the online download service.

Step 2. When you have visited, get the link to the private Pornhub video you want to download.

Step 3. Paste the link of the video to the search bar on Y2mate, and you should click the “Start” button to convert it.

Step 4. When the output formats and quality are provided for selecting, directly choose the one you need and click the “Download” button for saving the private Pornhub video offline.

Download Pornhub Video Online

But a shortcoming of Y2mate is that the platform is not supported to download all private Pornhub videos. Sometimes it would fail to get the results even you paste the correct link. By comparison, VideoHunter is able to download all private videos from Pornhub, which is much stabler.

In Conclusion

Downloading private Pornhub videos is not difficult once you get the right tool to help. This article has provided different ways for you to try downloading private videos from Pornhub with easy steps. You just need to choose the best way for yourself and try.

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